VHub Enterprises, LLC

Extensive experience with Amazon, eBay and related services for the small business reseller.

Specializing in seller tools and integration with leading e-Commerce sites. Over 15 years experience with eCommerce.

Case Studies

Major Amazon bookseller inventory automation

Over 4 million items in stock across multiple warehouses with over 140 employees. Custom database and software to handle all operations of the business. Major accomplishments include integrating custom embedded ARM Linux machines for inventory of new stock. Designed and implemented a fully automated conveyor system along with custom PLCs to more quickly identify and sort new inventory. Developed custom USPS presorting system to significantly reduce shipping costs. Directed employees in the installation, use and maintenance of these and other systems. Integration with UPS, Fedex, USPS APIs.

Small business selling books online

Technologies used: MySQL, PHP, GTK+, APIs for USPS, UPS, Fedex, USPS presorting, Arduino, U90 Ladder, Amazon MWS & PA-APIs, Amazon FBA, eBay APIs, integration with other sites (AbeBooks, Alibris, B&N, Valore, Rakuten.)

Large used bookseller

Business with over 1 million items in stock. Accomplishments include optimizing the inventory and warehousing system. Developed custom software to handle all inventory, orders, automated pricing and customer service. Implemented automated packaging system. Technologies used: MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, APIs for Amazon, eBay, USPS.

Small business reselling liquidated inventory

Technology to accurately catalog and price inventory. Warehouse automation using wireless hand scanners for order picking and stock check.